Happiness is...

** watching clouds rush across the sky
** walking to the coffeeshop while most of the neighborhood is still fast asleep - so quiet and peaceful
** flirting with the toddler sitting in front of me on the bus - that darling smile!
** remembering to pack my toothbrush and my charger for a weekend away
** wearing my cowboy boots after a summer of converse
** learning converse makes leather sneakers
** being coached for 3 days in a row by 3 different women
** receiving a stream of insights and realizations
** going out for dinner at a restaurant that was just the right amount of quirky - they had skulls and cobwebs in the dining room and I was smitten - also the food was very good and the drinks were strong
** having plans for the next 4 weekends - all things I have been longing for and all things that are ways of treasuring myself
** glimpsing the sunshine behind the clouds
** telling the truth faster

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