Happiness is...

** a dentist appointment in which the hygienist and dentist both said "you have beautiful teeth"
** recognizing how hungry I am for compliments - and realizing I can give them to myself at any moment
** sharing a story of extreme fondness (read as addiction) for min cadbury eggs with the cashier at safeway
** finally wearing a skirt I bought excitedly 4 months ago
** finding it as adorable today as it was on the day I bought it
** becoming more aware of how I interact with people I love - and how many times my actions are less than loving
** realizing if I do this to others I am definitely doing it to myself
** the view out my window of trees with green leaves busting out all over
** filing my taxes and receiving my state refund in less than a week
** gorging on books on my kindle
** allowing myself to use gorging in a way that does not immediately bring up stories of shame around ingesting Too Much
** my jean jacket and how it offers a physical force field while I am learning to activate energetic force fields!
** a deepening awareness of my longings and desires and gifts and talents

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