** when I arrive at the salon, excited for my cut and color, only to see the receptionist's face fall "oh- no one told you your stylist is sick today?" And after I replied "if they had I wouldn't be here!" I proceeded to reschedule for next week.

** I love it when the sun shines on days rain was predicted- how can I get more comfortable at loving it when all things are different from predicted?

** a teenager with greasy hair is playing his guitar on the bus - how can I move from wanting him to cease and desist to enjoying the creativity of his performance?

** the gentleman behind me is taking a personal call and speaking loudly- his voice full of emotion as he talks about his pending transition into a new job- how can I move from irritation that he is projecting so boisterously into my space to enjoying the reminder that life is made up of transitions and look! there are jobs available!

What I know is all feelings are legitimate.
What I know is I am often triggered - especially on Friday afternoons. 

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