Everything i need

In April I am exploring the idea that I have everything I need. Lately I have been living from a place of lack and it feels so debilitating. I know logically I am very blessed but my default mood is "I don't have it and I want it!" It can be anything from a probiotic drink to a loving spouse to a completed heinous task at work. Lack, lack, lack.
I was not created to live in lack.
Demonstrations that I have what I need:
* I longed for restoration in my friendship with a dear friend and today she offered forgiveness and vulnerability
* I found the perfect gray shirt in my closet to go with my (what an amazing deal!) hoodie
* I really wanted to attend a local dance performance with friends and my sister said she could join me
* I needed to take care of 3 important financial matters at work today and they all came together easily and with a minimum of fluster on my part
* I found forgotten ginger tea in my favorite brand after dinner - I ended up brewing chamomile but hurrah for ginger!
* I longed for quiet on the bus ride home and I only had a seatmate for 10 minutes of the 45 minute ride
* I didn't pack a lunch this morning but a travel through our work fridge provided a lovely lunch of cucumber with hummus, a hardboiled egg and my favorite brand of cottage cheese (lucerne 1%)
I have everything I need.

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