Checking in

The hard:
** a coworker crying out of frustration and overwhelm 
** taking some of this despair into my energy field
** an ache in my stomach most of the day from not releasing this other's stuff
** making a mistake on a payroll report and a chorus of "you will never figure this out" from my inner critics
** a coworker finding out his son is diagnosed with autism- and the start of a long strtch of tests and evaluations
** plans to get my hair cut tonight fell through when my stylist was sick and a chorus of "your hair looks horrible and now it will for another week-ugh" from my inner critics
** ants in the house

The good:
** multiple interactions with coworkers who were goofy and charming
** an afternoon break for iced lattes
** the sunshine and the breeze and the beauty of spring 
** firguring out how to apply a credit memo and clearing up an old invoice
** having a ball creating outfits from my closet and finding i have plenty of warm weather clothes
** a cheerful "have a great day!" From my morning bus driver
** steak salad from a favorite thai restaurant
** choosing not to look at a friend's taxes when given the opportunity to assist with them

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