Life is...

** working 9.5 hours today in preparation for taking tomorrow off
** wondering if I really had to get All That Stuff done today or if my ego just wants to feel important and needed
** delightedly receiving a birthday card from my coworkers- with sparkly stickers enclosed!
** standing under the bus shelter to avoid the rain and feeling claustrophobic due to all the others also avoiding rain
** wondering how someone coughing can immediately make a space feel both smaller and germ-infested
** feeling happy with the way my red & white shoes match my red & white sweater so perfectly
** realizing perfectly is in the eye of the beholder
** creating spreadsheets for our work winter brunch and trying to figure out the easiest way to gather and record the information
** wondering and wondering about what the next year will bring me - both in joy and pain, delights and disappointments, gifts and loss

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