Life is...

** working 9.5 hours to prepare for losing tomorrow to an all day seminar
** getting a little crabby about the stale air, crowds of strangers and feeling captive in a seat at said seminar
** wearing a skirt for the 2nd work day in a row
** being unsure if I got more work done in a skirt vs jeans, but knowing I felt pretty and professional
** realizing the day is better if I make my bed upon waking
** struggling with doing things without expectation
** struggling with remaining neutral and not continuing my pattern of labeling thing, events, people as good or bad, great or stupid, awesome or ridiculous
** sleeping well for the first night in ages
** starting a new mystery only to be disappointed that it was not great (see- neutral is difficult!)
** remembering to reach out to a friend who is having a stressful experience with her pet
** throwing things away and breathing easier in the empty space

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