Life is...

** thinking about turning 39 this week
** thinking about where I thought i'd be at  this age versus reality
** sometimes checking out via sleep and netflix instead of processing my feelings
** making birthday plans with friends and family and self (massage appt please!)
** wearing quietly sparkly nail polish with loudly sparkly shoes
** realizing (again) what people are safe to share with and what people need to be removed from my energy field
** owning safety first as a mantra even (especially) when those around me don't "get it"
** plans to watch a fuckton of Walking Dead with a friend this afternoon
** witnessing Trader Joe's bring out all the Christmas goodies
** thinking about my holiday plans - or lack thereof- these midweek holidays stink
** listening to the local classical music station and feeling calmed by the quiet music
** opening to the idea of moving - where can I expand to my highest self?

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