If love leads the way

I saw this chalk drawing in my neighborhood and I wondered how life would look if I let love lead the way. I usually let my head lead the way and it doesn't make for a very smooth or calm life.

I struggle to connect with my heart. I can rationalize and debate and figure out for hours- about anything- but ask me to drop into my heart center and I panic.

"I don't know how." I say.
"Give me the steps and I'll do them- where is the cheatsheet? I am Very Good at following directions.  Where are the directions?"

Right now I can pause to consider the question "what if love led here?" when I am in the middle of something that causes my brain to seize up with judgements of how wrong and stupid and ridiculous the "other" is behaving.

I don't have to stop judging (and sometimes I really think people act ridiculous) but maybe I can also begin to see with a little more love.  This also and probably most importantly means a little more love towards myself.

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  1. I know for me the idea of being vulnerable and followed by taking the risk of having my heart broken was often overwhelming. That would mean I would have to actually ( gasp) trust another human being with something I think is extraordinarily fragile which is my spirit. My heart has been broken on my 50 years of walking on this earth three times.

    Each time I thought I was going to die. I think the first time and my first love was of course the absolute worst.

    But our hearts, mind, and spirit are resilient. And we have this uncanny ability to survive and move on and really if our spirit is open to find love.

    The hardest thing I find is to allow me to be me without judging my decisions. I have no problem not judging others:)

    Loving you from afar:)


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