Happiness is...

** a long walk on a foggy beach
** taking a load of things to Goodwill
** starting to document my purchases again in an effort become more conscious around spending and discover what need I am trying to fill by buying so much shit
** stopping to photograph beautiful flowers on my way home from the coffee shop
** noting I am currently keeping 5 plants alive - yay me!
** folding laundry and noticing how much color I've welcomed into my wardrobe this year
** receiving texts and photos from my niece and nephews (or more accurately- their moms)
** enjoying my first pumpkin spice latte of the year
** journaling my intentions for the remainder of the year
** realizing a course I signed up for is not what I want- and letting it go without guilt or bitterness
** knowing the netflix release date for Walking Dead season 3 (9.29)

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