These Hands

The prompt today was The Story of You and the reminder was that my story is worth telling. Viv suggested picking a body part to tell a little story and as I thought about this on my morning bus rides, I realized my hands play a big part in my story. This realization is very interesting, because lately I have been giving my hands a lot of flak for not being as smooth as I want, for having so many hangnails, for holding tension, for swelling in the heat, etc.

I took a photo of my hand on a calculator because it spends a lot of time there during the week- allowing me to process payroll; checking hours and double checking my data entry. I also wanted to capture my new skull ring!

My hands:
* have given reiki to friends and family
* have prepared amazing salads
* have written hundreds of letters
* have prepared thousands of accounting tasks
* have doodled and painted and collaged
* have traced the beauty of babies' faces
* have completed numerous volunteer applications
* have washed dishes and loaded dishwashers
* have made bulletin boards and lime rickeys and huge twist cones
* have helped elderly women and little children pick out and put on clothes
* have driven a cute volvo and more than one minivan
* have made dozens of fresh pours and a few choice lattes
* have held thousands of books
* have played the piano and very briefly tried to master volleyball
* have served me so well

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