On the bus

Normally I follow a strict practice of avoiding public transportation on the weekends. The energy of riders on the weekend is rarely uplifting and often exhausting. Yes, I maybe projecting a little in that statement- but is also a true observation.

This weekend I chose to ride busses both Saturday and Sunday so I could spend time with friends.

This is what I noticed on the ride back into the city on a Sunday afternoon:

** trees starting to herald the coming of Fall as their leaves turn beautiful shades of scarlet
** how strong the smell of cigarette smoke is in the confines of a bus
** a man in the SUV next to us wearing a crisp white shirt and a black bowtie
** the weeds that are growing all over the transit center and thinking how beautiful it would be if they were wildflowers
** a man wearing pajama pants under basketball shorts
** a mannequin holding a sign in front of Jiffy Lube - cheaper than paying a real person to do it AND freakier
** the abundant,  luscious greenery that lines the streets and hills
** a guy with an awesome mohawk- eating pizza with a cigarette tucked behind his right ear
** a little boy giving his dad a running commentary while playing a video game
** a man sneezing without covering his mouth
** my immediate flare up of disgust at same
** the driver calling out "have a good day!" as riders exit the bus
** Porsche Cayman S
** ceramic pots of vibrant red flowers in front of a rundown abandoned building

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