Happiness is...

** helping a friend clean her house- in preparation for her parent's visit next month
** opting out of cleaning the bathroom
** finding colorful tights on sale for $1.20
** realizing when I am triggered and trying to excavate into my story for when a situation first began triggering me
** allowing myself to be triggered and feel my feelings instead of jumping straight to "let it go" 
** going to an art show and buying beautiful earrings
** remembering last summer when I went to an art show with my friend Tracy and the unique jeweler she introduced me to
** listening to March Forth marching band from a distance
** listening to the crowd applaud enthusiastically for the same
** seeing my friend's cat stretched out in a stuffed chair- as if she owned the place (which she does)
** my neon green socks which match the stripes of my sweater perfectly
** sleeping in for 3.5 hours
** smelling lavender lotions and soaps that are locally made
** finding a good library book by chance- usually my gambles don't pan out- maybe usually is too strong- often my gambles don't pay off
** having a tiny epiphany while washing dishes
** giving myself plenty of time to do dishes instead of racing through them to get to the next task

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