Happiness is...

** finding a coffeeshop that can make an almond mocha - I guess almond is not a popular flavor to offer? Peets, Starbucks- I'm looking at you.
** a spontaneous, lovely compliment from a woman at the coffeeshop that hit my heart smack in the center and almost brought me to tears
** the wonderful writing in my Self Defense for Sensitives class
** a reply to an email I'd written 2 months ago - made all the sweeter because I'd released all expectation of a reply
** purchasing my tickets to Iowa - my first flight in 5.5 years - what?!!
** making a commitment to attend a restorative yoga class
** receiving 3 sessions of distance reiki
** the way the shadows dance across the stones of the patio
** completing my weekend chores on Friday night so Sunday night will be completely free and relaxed
** knowing my sister is headed home from vacation- I miss you Nette!

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