Flirting With the Camera

This prompt was way way out of my comfort zone. I have never been good at flirting and so this felt very fake. I ended up taking my glasses off- almost as if flirting was not a part of the "real" me because I always wear glasses.

I could not get into a playful spirit- I think I accessed more of a kind spirit? I like how my eyes look and I love that I took these without a shred of makeup. Actually maybe I missed the flirting boat all together- because when you're flirting aren't you supposed to look your best? I guess I associate best with makeup. Hmmmm.

I am also including a photo I took this afternoon because I was determined to take one outside. I went into our backyard and immediately ran into two spiderwebs. Thus my look is more of resignation and determination rather than playful. I love that I am wearing lipstick and I love that I showed up for this prompt even though I fucking hated it.

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