Be Open to Love

This morning I saw a heart shaped leaf on the way to the bus, but I didn't feel I had time to take a photo. Periodically throughout the day I remembered "oh yeah- I'm supposed to be open to love" but I didn't find anything that stirred my heart.

On the afternoon bus the woman behind me kept clearing her throat and my thoughts were rather far from love. I went grocery shopping and forgot all about love until I came across a rosemary plant. I love the smell of rosemary and I love bringing live plants into my space!

As I waited for my final bus I placed my groceries and plant on a bench. When I set them down I noticed a little ladybug climbing on the bench. This was a sign of love! I took a photo and then tried to get it to climb on my hand. Success! I watched it climb up and over my fingers and then released it into the wind.

I boarded the bus, feeling so happy that I saw that little creature and had my heart open. I was smiling to myself and glanced down at my rosemary and found 2 ladybugs were traveling with me! I walked them home and then let them go in the front yard.

I thought it was a treat to have ladybugs join me at the end of my day and I liked the reminder to Be Open to Love. I could probably benefit from having that tattooed on my arm.

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