A Part of the Whole

All day I thought I would take a photo of me on public transportation or downtown in the bus mall.  Riding the bus exposes me to a wide range of humanity and for all my complaints about it...i bet I would miss this exposure if I had a car. Although- being able to dictate my exposure (1 bus ride a week instead of 20) would be nice!

Anyway- in the end I could not work up the nerve to take a photo. I thought I might skip this prompt but then my friend and I spontaneously went to hear live music at a tiny restaurant and I felt I was part of the whole. I was in the corner, enjoying a glass of wine and it felt very relaxing. I joined in with everyone in clapping after each song and the energy felt very friendly and safe. 

I could not summon the nerve to take a photo of my face but here is my thumb!

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