I remain,

** happy the coffeeshop made me a fresh cup of iced green tea
** wondering why my throat is scratchy and my voice is hoarse
** trying to think if there are things I am resisting giving a voice to
** happy I did more sorting and purging of family photos
** very happy to be enrolled in Be Your Own Beloved this term!
** charmed to hear the clerk at the bookstore make a quick call to check in with his kids
** enjoying my Charles Todd mystery
** realizing my body is doing the best it can- given that I do not give it many opportunities to move and exercise
** trying to reach a peace agreement with my belly
** hoping fervently that after peace can follow love
** loving the shadows trees throw on cement in the afternoon sunshine
** wondering who drives the sporty scooter parked outside the art store
** loving the palm trees that flourish in Portland, while not loving the heat they need to grow so beautiful
** coming back to my breath

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