Happiness is...

** organizing and decluttering my room
** realizing that sometimes the Next Right Thing is to stop cleaning, flop on the bed and eat cherries while reading Bite Me
** vocalizing my right to feel my feelings
** realizing how quickly my feelings will flow through me when given permission to be
** wearing a beautiful new tanktop and having a coworker say "you look pretty!"
** asking for insight around an energy issue and getting quick and helpful feedback
** wearing a swimsuit coverup as a nightshirt- so light and cool
** receiving clarification and partial resolution on a stressful situation
** easily finding the answer to a friend's query on google
** turning off netflix before 9p
** giving myself a reiki treatment as a transition into sleep
** wearing short jean shorts and flip flops - so summery
** watching art be hung at a tiny coffee shop (see photo)
** telling the artist "that is so awesome!" and her delighted smile in response
** enjoying vegan peach coffeecake
** kissing the cat's head before watching her disappear into the dusk
** maybe that should read "being allowed to kiss the cat's head" - she is very tolerant ;)

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