On adapting

** I am amazed at how adaptable I am.  I don't know if that is always a benefit to myself.
** I am amazed that every Monday I wake up at 5:05 and start a new week that will include 20+ bus rides.
** I am amazed that I can be around hundreds of people in bus rides, work and general living and not collapse into a puddle on Friday nights. Sometimes I do fall into bed at 8:30.
** I am amazed that I can wake up at 5:05- historically I have felt any time before 7a was Way Too Early

** I am aware that my life is pretty great
** I am aware that the ability to effortlessly walk the .5 mile from my bus stop to work is nothing to sneeze at
** I am aware that this is a season- I will not be riding 4 busses a day and spending 12 hours away from home indefinitely- and if I DID I am aware that I would find even more ways to adapt

** I am grateful that morning busses are calm and quiet
** I am grateful to have a boss I like and who likes me
** I am grateful for opportunities to watch the sun rise
** I am grateful for coffee at 6:00a

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