I remain,

** pleased that I refound an email I'd sent myself about a money coach I want to work with
** so grateful for the ability to connect with friends electronically while sitting in my living room
** wondering why the phrase "f*ck you and the horse you rode in on" is so funny to me today
** mentally shaking my fist at drivers who do not even pretend to acknowledge the stop signs in my neighborhood
** doing loads and loads of laundry
** reading The Conscious Cleanse and thinking about adjusting my diet so my body doesn't have to divert so much energy to digestion
** enamored with pretty socks...my sock drawer has never been so full or so beautiful
** thinking about taking yoga this spring
** loving lazy Sunday afternoons and the joy of losing myself in a PD James mystery
** having a sudden memory of reading a Martha Grimes mystery on the deck at the ocean
** missing the ocean 

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