Starting small

At the beginning of the year I want to implement so many changes into my life.  Changes in amount of exercise, amount of sugar ingested, amount I'm saving, amount of time in front of a screen, on and on.

By February this striving to "be better" has worn me out and I want to leave all those changes in the dirt and return to my previous behaviors.  Instead I think I can make tiny changes and stay the course.  I have noticed that if I view changes as self care I am more likely to stick with them.  It feels kinder to care for myself rather than change myself.

Tiny acts of self care:
* going to acupuncture once a week
* aiming for 7 hours of sleep each night
* listening to classical music at work
* drinking green smoothies several times a week


  1. Hi Jennifer!! Love reading your blog again! Great idea on small acts of self care!! Colette =)

  2. I miss you! how are you?


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