Home Stretch

This month marks the 7 year anniversary of this blog. 
This post is my 991st.  I had a goal of getting to 1,000 and I am so close!

I read blogs where people disclose their struggles with their shadow sides and notice that in the comments readers affirm the writer for being authentic and open and honest.  I appreciate the opportunity to see a whole person and I also know that historically this blog is my place to focus on the good things. 

One of the best places to read about the balance of hard and good is the Friday Chickens at The Fluent Self

Here's my abbreviated Chicken this Friday:
* bus rides full of people talking too much nonsense, too loudly
* the onset of a cold
* not hearing from people I want to hear from
* jeans that are too tight
* not having strong enough force fields to deflect other peoples' shit

* a very quiet bus ride this morning
* a usually silent bus driver smiled and said "good morning"
* mid morning walks
* the ability to easily adjust weekend plans
* hearing from people out of the blue
* a package from my niece
* getting plenty of sleep
* remembering Not Everything Requires a Response

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