Happiness is...

** the opportunity to stay in a cute apartment while the owners are in the midwest
** the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful Christmas tree without any responsibility for decorating it
** the opportunity to finish watching Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy (!)
** all the beautiful decorations in stores and on neighborhood streets
** the festive bus driver today who wore a red Santa hat and was pretty jolly
** beginning to think back over 2012 and acknowledging growth and cool things I experienced
** the beauty of Chopin's music and the ability to listen to it on the computer
** an introduction to H&M's long basic black tanktop...I could wear this every day...really
** the ability to see friends and family even when I think time is tight and the way time expands to allow all the visiting to happen just as it needs to
** beautiful music at church and the music minister's strong and lovely voice
** not feeling obligated to sing at church but sitting with my eyes closed and listening to the music wash over me
** the knowledge that tomorrow is just a 1/2 day of work
** gratitude for work and for the ability to support myself and how working most days makes the 1/2 days even more of a treat

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