I remain,

** loving how the wind at the beach whipped through my hair and made it stand straight up and look funky and I didn't even care because I was At the Beach
** wondering why I didn't choose to use sunscreen because it was really sunny at the beach and now my neck and arms are really red
** grateful that my friend and I share fondness for 80's music, treats from Sonic and a willingness to spend hours watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer
** really grateful I was able to find an adorable outfit for my newest nephew
** loving putting books on hold at the library and having them wait for me on the shelf...for free!
** loving not bending over backwards to try and make people feel comfortable
** realizing my idea of their comfort is probably very different from their idea of comfort and so it is a misuse of energy to worry it
** grateful that my spending seems to adjust to my discretionary income so effortlessly
** grateful that I had enough income to buy a beautiful scarf
** grateful that the scarf was 90% off regular price and includes some cashmere
** ready to get off the computer and into a book

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  1. All of it sounds delicious - like a great slice of living out loud!


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