I remain,

** thankful for 7.5 great hours of sleep
** thankful for 2 great cups of coffee
** thankful for 1 pair of amazing slippers
** working on creating a functional resume
** working on creating a set of cards
** working on creating a vision of myself as loveable
** hoping for a piece of unexpected and magical mail
** hoping for an affirming email out of the blue
** hoping for the courage to do my part to improve key relationships
** ready for an afternoon of slipping away to watch a movie and eat m&ms
** ready for a cute spring coat and some great tennis shoes
** ready to use up my boring forever stamps and buy some pretty ones

1 comment:

  1. You have a very 'regal' look in this photo, like you are from another period of time - classic beauty.
    Did you know that they are now making forever stamps with cool patterns and images on them? I just recently noticed a sign in the post office...
    I'm thankful for you.


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