Loving what is...is hard sometimes

** putting current expenses vs current income in excel and realizing they do not fit
** transitioning from a housesitter to a guest in a home
** feeling puffy from eating sugar
** knowing that I have a lot to be grateful for AND wanting to throw a pity party anyway
** thinking about turning 36
** interactions with people that make me agitated, anxious or (more irritatingly) tearful
** feeling like I'm walking the same ruts over and over and over and over
** being fearful about walking a new path
** feeling afraid to ask for what I really want in so many areas
** knowing the answer is definitely no if I don't ask


  1. That's very honest. I was a little that way this morning too and the thought I had was that God is giving me exactly enough power and strength and wisdom for this day, not any of those that aren't here yet. For real, not just a cliche that's over quoted, exactly enough.

  2. yes... i think we all have these times... (at least I know I do).

    and yet with all of it, the struggle, the difficulty, the working through in all the different ways, the shift in moods and awareness and even visiting around with fear, there is still no way not to see the joy that lives behind those bright eyes of yours...

    big love


  3. Sending hugs your way. I appreciate your honesty and found myself able to relate in so many ways. You are growing (whether you can see it or not).


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