Happiness is...

** feedback from friends
** feedback from coworkers (even when it's hard to hear)
** spending the day with my sister
** an impulsive buy of pumpkin pie latte lotion
** completing an application for a project I would love to participate in 
** strawberry shortcake gum
** speaking assertively in a tense conversation
** having my sister take candid photos...and not stressing about my appearance (aka sucking in my stomach!)
** the ability to see the beauty of Fall
** returning overdue library materials


  1. I used to have a really bad habit of returning library books late...
    Glad to hear you finished the application for a project you are interested in. Tasks like this are always a huge feat for me!

  2. Pumpkin pie latte lotion?! Wow! That sounds good!!!


Sparklepoints to you for sharing!