I remain,

** noticing how when people change plans in a way that I do not like I get very crabby
** noticing that logically knowing this is irrational behavior does not make me change my mood
** noticing that EFT, deep breathing and yelling are ways to move through my crabbiness
** noticing I've eaten a lot of sugar in the past weeks as a way to try and comfort myself about not having plans in place for the future (even as close of a future as next week)
** noticing how much I rely on food (and coffee drinks) as a source of comfort and wondering how to discover and develop healthier sources of comfort
** noticing how eating a simple meal with friends is more comforting than a bag of chocolates on my own
** noticing that sharing homemade pumpkin bread with a friend is awesome (!)
** noticing as I perform my Autumn Inventory on relationships that it is time to say goodbye to some relationships
** noticing I have not been intentional in my choices many times this year
** noticing that after I have a "why did I/didn't I do that" freak out moment it is empowering to acknowledge my behavior and the opportunities for growth that comes with acknowledgement
** noticing I see more of myself through self portraits than when I look in the mirror
** noticing I feel regret and loss around not having the funds to take Vivienne McMaster's ecourse this time...and choosing to start diverting some spending money from sweets to savings so I can take it in the future!

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  1. I am glad I'm not the only one who gets crabby when plans are changed on me. I will have to try the deep breathing and yelling. What is EFT?


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