Gratitude list

When I first started writing this blog I used to end every post with a list of gratitude.  
Lately I have been listening to a variety of speakers on teleseminars and they all seem to be reminding
me how important gratitude is in a life of abundance so....

** I am grateful for pen and ink and the time to write letters
** I am grateful for screens and the ability to enjoy fresh air without thinking of bugs
** I am grateful for vegetables and the time to make great salads
** I am grateful for the internet and all the learning opportunities therein
** I am grateful for placement services and the ability to have job opportunities presented to me
** I am grateful for my health and the ability to walk quickly and easily
** I am grateful for time to read before bed and the opportunity to decompress
** I am grateful for friends who support me and call me out on stuff
** I am grateful for cleaning supplies and the willingness to use them
** I am grateful for libraries and the ability to check out books for free
** I am grateful for the sense of hearing and the sound of laughter

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  1. joanne3.8.10

    i am grateful that you value gratitude.

    i am grateful for you


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