Happiness is...

** going for a walk and coffee talk with my sister this morning
** I have a tiny vase of beautiful sweet peas on the desk next to my computer...they smell so lovely
** homemade poppyseed bread
** an invitation to spend time with one of my friends this weekend
** bobby pins
** living in a tv-free home and the opportunity to read....a lot
** using bus routes that allow travel of 25 miles for $2.30
** learning one of my friends got the job she interviewed for last month
** flip flops
** consistently checking things off my task list(s)
** thinking back over the past three years...the ups, the downs, the goodness through it all


  1. Dang! 25 miles for $2.30! I can appreciate that!
    I remember a guy I liked once gave me a big coffee can filled with sweetpeas. Such a sweet gesture.
    Sometimes I wish I didn't have a TV nearby. In my twenties I went without TV for two years. I got so much done!
    Sounds like life is sweet. Have a good week!

  2. as always i love your lists!

    and you reminded me that a friend offered that i could go into her garden and take as many sweet pea flowers as i could! you've reminded and inspired me to do just that!


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