I remain,

** grateful I followed through on my idea to go to the track this morning
** wondering if eating too much sugar is contributing to my steady stream of negative thoughts
** wondering why I insist on holding on to a scarcity pattern
** wishing I would learn the lesson already and MOVE ON
** tired of being asked "how's it going"
** crabby
** already aware of how good I have things
** ready to kick the next person who suggests I count my blessings
** wondering if a second visit to the track would help clear my head...again


  1. So... How's it going? (just kidding...)
    This is a refreshing post. I love your honesty. I was reading it thinking how sometimes when I feel this way I give myself a day to just sit in it because the 'shame' that other people tend to put on you (be happy, be grateful, count your blessings...) doesn't work in that moment. It's not that you can't go to that place of optimism, but you just need a moment to wallow and to feel however you feel. At least that's my experience.

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