I process my life in lists. I find the act of writing lists to be calming. For some time I have thought my lists on this blog were a kind of cop-out. If I was really devoted to the blog I would take time to write thoughtful posts in paragraph form. I have read some of my old posts written this way and I really like them, but I like my lists as well. This year I have not felt a desire to write as often here as I have in previous years and the format of lists suits my mood perfectly.

Gratitude list on a rainy Sunday:

* I was able to spend time with 2 friends on Saturday...going to garage sales and eating cupcakes
* I have some time to myself today
* Jen Lemen's posts
* I met a new coworker and did not give in to my usual desire to fall over myself making sure they felt "welcome" and "at ease"
* a new EFT site is available following the retirement of Gary Craig
* the frequent rains keep the flowers lush
* neon orange nail polish is an inexpensive pick-me-up
* lounge pants are so comfy for days at home
* a friend gifted me organic salad greens from her garden
* I went to an art gallery on Friday and was able to speak at length with a beautiful artist about her amazing paintings...speaking with artists raises my energy and sense of possibility
* I spent time with 2 teen girls last night and surprised myself by having fun! It is fun to drive around town looking for fruit-flavored slushies and buy breadsticks for a 9p snack!
* I have access to an excellent washer and dryer and a powerful vacuum that sucks up the dog hair
* I have excellent coffee and feel luxurious when brewing a new pot in the afternoon
* filtered water is available at the tap
* Donna Eden's energy work

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  1. i'm so grateful for jen lemen's posts too...i didn't realize how much i missed her writing until she started again. such beautiful truth telling.

    i love that you went to a gallery and chatted with an artist about her work!


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