Bus related lists

Today I took 4 bus rides. These are some of the things I saw!

While waiting at the bus stop:
* young men smoking on the sidewalk
* an airport express shuttle
* men in suits
* a man with a curly ponytail that reached the middle of his back
* a tiny girl leaning up against the window at Kinder Care
* a man in a suit waving at the tiny girl as he walked past her window
* orange fire hydrants
* a woman wearing an orange raincoat
* a white and orange taxi

While riding the bus:
* a beautifully manicured lawn in front of a vacant office building
* a bright turquoise house
* 3 overturned carts, abandoned at a bus stop
* a man trimming the greenery in front of an animal hospital
* 2 elderly men wearing suspenders
* a can of pepsi abandoned at a bus stop
* pedestrian giving the bus driver a sassy, sideways glance
* a woman sweeping the driveway of a car wash, wearing a bow tie
* a 1/2 eaten apple abandoned at a bus stop
* a man asking for and getting directions to Lens Crafters from his seatmate
* a teen sitting next to the men looking up and sharing the exact location on his phone
* a lavender station wagon
* boys wearing headphones
* raindrops on the windshield
colors of umbrellas I was while riding through downtown:
* clear
* fuschia
* bright blue
* tan
* red
* blue and pink polka dot
* orange
* plaid
* brown and pink polka dot
* red and white striped
* a 2 story treehouse
* a bright turquoise Honda
* a man playing an electronic keyboard at a bus stop
* a man wearing headphones and overalls
* a boy singing to himself
* an elderly woman in a red raincoat walking into a restaurant
* an elderly woman in red pants walking into a (different) restaurant

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