A snapshot...through lists

Things I love to eat:
* milk chocolate
* perfectly salted scrambled eggs
* baby spinach
* toasted homemade bread with butter
* fresh mango

Things I love to read:
* personal letters
* world pulse magazine
* blog posts and emails about my family
* engrossing mysteries
* the menu at petite provence

Things I love to photograph:

* sun-drenched flowers
* my niece and nephews
* the ocean
* happy dogs
* sparkly eyes and smiles

Things I love to watch:

* dancers
* sunsets over the ocean
* children reading books
* Miss Marple
* chocolate chip cookies being pulled from the oven

Things I'd love more of:
* belly laughs
* hugs from friends and family
* opportunities to share my photography
* piano music committed to memory
* self-confidence


  1. love this list jen!
    i'm nodding my head in agreement to almost every single one!

  2. Things we have in common that we both love ---
    milk chocolate, toasted homemade bread with butter, fresh mango, personal letters, photographing my nieces and nephew, belly laughs, self-confidence...

  3. joanne1.6.10

    i love your lists... i love them because they not only let us in to get to know you more, but also we get to know ourselves better... inevitably you remind me of something I hadn't thought of in a long time.



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