A fond farewell


This morning as I was getting dressed I realized that my word of 2009 was not "whimsy" or "receive" as I had intended at the beginning of the year...my life was defined by the word fluid. This realization is interesting in light of the fact that fluid is my sister's word of 2010!

In 2009 I:

* played board games for the first time in years and actually enjoyed it
lesson learned: it does not matter what activity I'm doing if I am with people I love...I'm happy!

* housesat for 5 households...spending 16 weeks in other peoples' homes
lesson learned: I can adapt easily to new spaces and take new responsibilities in stride...it takes me an average of 36 hours to acclimate fully to a new space

* cared for 22 animals...6 dogs, 5 chickens, 5 cats, 3 birds and 3 fish
lesson learned: While I do not crave pets of my own, I am fully capable of caring for animals and even enjoying it!

* traveled from Portland to Chicago with a friend in a moving truck
lessons learned: I love the wide open spaces and beautiful skies of Wyoming, the US is beautiful, I like to be quiet for long stretches of time and when needed I can drive a moving truck hauling a trailer and be safe...even in the dark of night!

* worked for a day in a very cool nonprofit
lessons learned: I really do not know much about nonprofit accounting; auditing it is much different from working in it, I am not ready for a return to the cubicle, it is nice to be around people excited about a common goal

* enjoyed time at the beach with my parents, brother and his family
lessons learned: I adore my 4 year old niece...I thought I knew this but until spending extended one on one time with her didn't realize how much I love her...I was reminded how much I love toddlers and how important it is for me to have frequent contact with people from all generations

* moved out of my living space in May and back into my living space in July
lessons learned: it is nice to have a space to land...even if it felt like a step back at the time, I travel very lightly through life and easily manifest the things I need...in June I purged and purged and purged my things until I could basically fit my life into a large suitcase and 2 carryons...I have never had an attachment to furniture and yet have always had a bed to sleep in, sofas to sit on and tables to eat on...this provision amazes me

* welcomed my sister and her husband to Oregon after they moved out from Iowa
lesson learned: I have been missing the joy of friendship...I love that my sister is only 45 minutes away from me and we always have things to talk and laugh about

* participated in Daily Art Journaling in January, Art Every Day Month in November and December Views
lessons learned: it is good for me to join in projects and put my art out in public, it is fun to see others' art and it is beneficial to take time to comment on art that touches my heart instead of thinking "there are already a ton of comments" or "I'm sure someone else will comment"

* recorded my daily spending in a little notebook
lessons learned: wow! I really have a lot of discretionary income...based on the amount of coffee and baked treats I buy...also I have relatively simple needs and am able to get joy from small purchases

* joined a credit counseling service
lesson learned: it is ok to ask for help

* wrote many Happiness is... posts
lesson learned: it is ok to be happy in the small things...in rereading my lists this morning I recreated many of the same emotions I had when originally enjoying the happy items...I know I do the same thing when reading about crabby days or snarky conversations and I'm happy (!) with my decision to focus on the good things in this blog...and there are a lot of good things

2009, I declare you complete.

Thank you for the lessons learned, the belly laughs, the tears, the introduction to many great resources online and in person and for the experiences that show me I am resilient and much more powerful than I give myself credit for. I know some people are referencing how hard you were, but even just few days into 2010 I am so grateful for your hardness because it makes the beauty of the new year that much better. I want to let you know you were worth it and I'm happy to have known you!

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  1. Such a cool list. It's a really nice way to look back on 2009 and all of the lessons learned and life lived. I love that hand giving fear the finger too!


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