Happiness is...

happy holidays!, originally uploaded by jennifer.knutson.

** the completion of Art Every Day Month...I created many pieces of art and met many wonderful women through this art challenge
** participating in decorating my Grandma's house for Christmas
** playing Probe with my sister and losing by a wide margin
** walking to the coffee shop on a crisp, sunny morning
** writing letters in the evening and finding that writing one makes it easier to write another and another
** brewing a pot of decaf coffee in the afternoon
** layering shirts...my sister does this with great success...I only started it last week and now I am hooked!
** the ability to easily contact family via texting


  1. i heart layering shirts and texting has changed my life :)

  2. Anonymous3.12.09

    Happiness is layering! Especially in NM when it can be 70 degrees during the day and 40 degrees in the evening!


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