words to live by

This afternoon I went to the thrift store on a whim to see if I could find any treasures.
I did find a good pair of jeans and I hooded sweatshirt that will be perfect for staying warm around the house.
The thrift store uses cute, curvy price tags and I always think I should reuse them.
While I was watching Dancing With the Stars tonight I decided to write affirmative words on the tags.
I decided on create right away partly because it is the theme for AEDM and also because it is a way I want to live.
I chose embrace both because I like hugs and because it is a good reminder to let go of judgments and love people and things as they are.
I was wondering how to photograph these simple tags and realized I had the perfect frames in front of the fireplace!
These statues seem to represent the words perfectly to me.



  1. i have a gazillion million of those tags, i found them for a dollar, yes!!! LOL

  2. Anonymous19.11.09

    Love the tags and the statues. You are right they do represent the words perfectly. Love Hugs and Blessings


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