This is what 35 looks like

Today I turned 35.
I took myself out for brunch at one of my favorite coffee shops and after eating wrote out a list of things I appreciate about myself.
I came up with 36 things in a period of about 30 minutes.
As I was writing it was interesting to realize that some of the things have been a part of me for most of my life and some things have only recently become a part of my life.
I noticed it is easy to think of things that I want to change about myself and I do it without even concentrating, but taking time to think of things I like about myself takes effort.
I can honestly say it is worth the effort!


  1. such an important thing to do. good for you!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I think you do have many great abilities and gifts!!!

  3. This is wonderful! Many of the things on your list are why I think 35 is more pleasant than 25. Here's to aging beautifully!

    Happy birthday :)

  4. I'm 53 and I say, keep them birthdays comin'! Life just gets better and better.

    I love this piece that you have put together and posted, rather courageously.


  5. happy birthday!

    love your handwriting

  6. Happy birthday! Great list. I'll have to remember this for when I turn 35 (in less than a month!).


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