some days are like that

This is a self-portrait.
Today I felt like I was talked at A LOT.
I was told stories I had no interest in and asked questions I thought were pointless.
I know it was a choice to stay and listen and not assertively say "I need to be where other people are not".

I have found I am quite sensitive to noise and I like to have a lot of control over my environment.

I started a different art project tonight but as I was sitting and listening to classical music,
this drawing was begging to come out!
The bottom drawing is a slightly sweeter self portrait.
It shows me shutting down outside influences by closing my eyes and covering my ears.
In a few minutes I will refill my water and settle into a comfy chair to watch The Middle
and after a few laughs I will feel less crabby.
Or maybe I won't.
Some days are like that....even in Australia!



  1. I need a dose of the second picture. A little peace and quiet would be nice :)

  2. some days are like that....even in Australia.....

    I hope your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day gets better tomorrow!

    That's one of my fave books...I read it to my class often, and they are in high school!

  3. Hilarious! I think I know how you feel...the second illustration definitely! You should make them into doorknob signs!

  4. i know how you feel, it is so true when others kind of tell us things we don't need to know.
    heyy dear, i check those tiny little tags you were talking about in yesterday's post and I have 1000and i don't mind sharing about 100 with you, let me know if you want them, free of course.
    stay your best.


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