Regular and holiday

I did not have a vision for this doodle.

as I began it I was thinking of my childhood
and remembering an art project at church where
we closed out eyes and drew a doodle for a period of 10 seconds (no peeking!)
and then colored in the design.
It was always interesting to see
if I would have simple designs or a complex mess of lines.
I did this entire design with my eyes wide open!

I like the black and white version but I wanted to do a holiday version.
I like the red and green accents and now I want to dip a candy cane in hot chocolate!



  1. Very lovely! I find the patterning very mesmerizing!

  2. mmm.....melting candy cane! I love it. Santa Claus Parade this weekend. Makes me want to go. :) very festive.

  3. this is beautiful. i would love to hang one of your "doodles" in our home, i like the black and white, but little pops of color are just beautiful!

  4. Holy dooly, this is truly lovely!!! I'm being honest ~ I really really LOVE it! The black and white version is my fave however I really enjoy the life brought to the image with the colours as well! Yay!!


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