A quick collage

I created this in 15 minutes before work and was crabby that I had to stop creating to go to work!

I found a pack of pictures I'd cut out of magazines and had fun sorting through them to create this little collage.
I love the girl on the bottom left...her look is so piercing. I also love Johnny Depp...and gave him the bonus of sparkles on his necklace.

I am very grateful for AEDM and for the people I am meeting through this project!


  1. Jen,

    I hear you about being crabby that you had to stop creating and go to work. I can identify! I'm honor the 15 minutes you did spend creating. I love your yellow leaf collage with your portrait. AEDM is great. I'm definitely enjoying the community.


  2. I love Johnny's bling. What a great touch.

    And I am with Leah, honoring the 15 minutes of creativity is SUCH an important thing!

  3. I love the sparkles on Johnny Depp's necklace. Great touch! =)


Sparklepoints to you for sharing!