Keep on trucking




Today I took myself out to the coffee shop and picked out a book
that I had really been wanting to read. I took the book to my table
and started thumbing through it while sipping my americano.

Suddenly I put the book down because I had a strong urge to doodle!

I did the bottom two pieces at the coffee shop. The continuous doodle
was really fun...I turned the paper and did not pause to think about
a design or to second guess myself. When I got home I took a photo
of a beautiful flower in the backyard and layered it over the doodle for
a softer look!

The top two doodles were from last night, with a little additional color
added this morning.

I am learning that it is easy to make art a part of my day and I
do not need to wait for the best supplies or the most spectacular
idea before beginning.


  1. I'm always coming back for more! your works have a similar technique, and similar forms, but always have a different effect.


  2. Thanks for coming by my blog. I love your doodles you shared today. I have never tried the continuous line. Amazing.

  3. Your doodles delight me! Wow! The color, the energy. I especially loved the "LOVE!"... you inspire me. I want to abandon my desk and doodle.


  4. so energetic, joyful, fun!

  5. OOh, the top one is my fave!! The colours are really beautiful. This one would look beautiful framed with a nice, thick, white frame!


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