it is enough

I had intentions of making some seriously awesome art today, but in the end what I felt like doing was doodling a circle. I sat at the bar in the kitchen and with John Mayer on the playlist and an ice cold cherry coke at my side I drew lines and filled them in and let thoughts of elaborate art leave my mind. I knew my choice today was to complete something simple or do nothing at all. If I had not done something I would have probably been in a funk tonight and eaten mint M&Ms with popcorn (the salty and sweet is delish) to soothe myself!

I posted this piece to Flickr in black and white but wanted to dress it up for my blog. I love playing in Picnik!


  1. I have those days, too, where it's a return to something basic and easy, or nothing at all, because I don't have energy for something complicated. Good for you for being able to recognize it and act on your own behalf, so you didn't end up in a funk!

  2. It looks like you did this on cloth. I like the way you dressed it up for the blog.

  3. Anonymous16.11.09

    I think it's really beautiful. Great composition!

  4. Didn't Leah post today that we should just make it easy and not get overwhelmed by the AEDM challenge? Good for you for doing something simple. The lines are strong and bold and I love the swirly pattern. I draw lots of spirals, too. And John Mayer in the background? What could be better. Keep on trukin' and posting your beautiful art.

  5. Some days are like that! I'm having one today!!! Good to know I'm not alone.


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