I approve of myself

I am delighted to be participating in Art Every Day Month again this year! My first piece is about approval.

The text reads:

~ I approve of myself ~

* even when I'm crabby
* even when I feel like yelling
* when I give compliments
* when I share honest feelings
* even when I believe I look dorky
* even when I am momentarily rude
* when I create art
* when I get out and enjoy fresh air
* even when I do not stretch or breathe deeply
* when I eat leafy green vegetables
* even when I devour candy and take seconds on brownies
* even when I don't take time to listen
* even when I ignore the beauty all around me
* when I accept love
* when I take time to pray
* even when I leave dishes in the sink
* even when I don't shave my legs
* when I enjoy a second cup of coffee
* even when I get overdue fines on my library books
* when I participate in family gatherings
* even when I skip family gatherings
* when I am conscious in my spending
* even when I give myself treats instead of processing my feelings
* when I smile at strangers
* when I laugh with friends
* when I try new things
* even when I feel stuck and powerless
* when I share my abundance with others
* even when I hold things in
* even when it seems like I'm being a baby
* when I slow down and breathe deeply
* when I take self portraits
* when I reach out to those around me
* when I sing off tune
* when I share my love

Rereading it now I realize I could have omitted all the "evens"...I used them because in my mind they were emphasizing less than desirable traits and behaviors.
If I am truly approving of myself I don't need to label things as good or bad...green leafy vegetables do not get more points than candy and it does not matter if I shave my legs!


  1. This is very moving!!! I love it, excellent work!!!
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  2. Anonymous2.11.09

    ...and I absolutely love your art piece.
    I love words in art!
    [i like the last sentence of your post. hehehe]

  3. I felt the stress ease out of me reading this post!

  4. What a great way to display how you approve of yourself. A self portrait in words.

  5. This is SO fabulous!! I love the way you've expressed your self-approval in a portrait.

    And hooray for approval without shaved legs. hehe.

  6. This is a wonderful piece, so inspirational!

  7. What a wonderful way of showing appreciation for yourself :-) I can see why my collage struck a chord with you. You are quite right about the 'even's - though I totally get why you put them in.

  8. this is an amazing piece, Jen... and i love the realization in the end that you could have ommitted the "evens" but you didn't... in the moment you were facing toward the "evens", and in the next moment you weren't... yay for you for the realization :)

    love and hugs...



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