I am so grateful!

Today I used nature in my art...writing a gratitude list on a large, yellow leaf!
I added my portrait to the leaf to take ownership of my list.

I'm grateful for:
* encouragement * love
* blue nail polish * chirping birds
* sunshine & rainbows * curly hair
* toothsoap * public transportation
* laughter * slippers * lattes
* eggnog * friendship * jeans
* forgiveness * birthdays * genuine smiles
* glitter glue * brownies
* babies * libraries * indoor plumbing
* johnny depp films * extended family * full moons


  1. Very creative, makes me stop and think. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. i love how you overlayed your list with your photo...and it makes it all the more beautiful to read that you did so to take ownership of it! love that!

  3. This is really wonderful. I love it!

  4. OOh! Very cool! I love your list to... I am a big fan of funky colored nail polishes. I like to paint my toes and it is kind of like a secret happy thing.

  5. This is super cool! What a fantabulous idea!

  6. Anonymous6.11.09

    I love this!

  7. This is stunning! As is all of your work! Love the doodles, the lists and your gorgeous photography. So, I am grateful for your nice comments which led me here. Thank you for sharing!


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