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Today I bought a new sketchbook and some Crayola markers...to create more doodles!
I wanted to see what I would create with color...wondering if some cool design or bigger picture would emerge from the tiny lines of the doodle. I remembered going to the art store at the mall as a teen and standing in front of hidden pictures posters....trying to relax my eyes so I could see the 3d treat hidden inside the picture. Looking at my doodles I do not see anything cool like a unicorn but I do see tiny hearts and drops of water!

I made my name tag just because and remembered when I was a volunteer in a 1st grade class and made a name tag for one little girl and then received a flood requests : "Ms. Jen? Please make a name tag for me! I like orange and blue! Can you add flowers to mine?" I spent a couple nights creating the tags...thinking of each child as I drew their name and trying to intuit what designs and colors they would like...I loved every minute of it!

I remain,
* watching You've Got Mail and remembering the friends I've watched it with in the past
* happy I splurged on a cupcake this afternoon
* delighted with all the unique and talented women I am meeting through Art Every Day Month
* enough

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  1. I am enjoying all your art. And I love thinking about you hand-making nametags for each one of those first-graders. And I am liking the word "intuit" and am going to try to use it more.


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