Happiness is...

created in church, originally uploaded by jennifer.knutson.

** a calm Thanksgiving with good conversation and delish food
** going to a craft fair with my sister and treating myself to cute, pink, star earrings
** wearing pajama pants at 5p
** doodling, doodling, doodling


  1. Love the doodle. I am sure it helped you concentrate on the message! Putting on pj's early in the evening is almost as good as wearing them all day.

  2. mmmm......if I didn't have to go to the grocery store, I'd put on PJs right now!

  3. loving all the art i'm seeing here as i scroll down... your doodles are just wonderful... they inspire me to get my pens back out again

    i'm all for the pajamas, especially when combined with doodling... :)


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