Happiness is...

** getting a haircut after 16 weeks
** making an appointment for my next haircut....in 7 weeks
** ordering some personalized stamps with one of my doodles on them
** watching the latest episode of Glee with my housemate and laughing loudly
** a manicure that lasted a whole week (thanks Nette!)
** returning books to the library...giving myself permission to return them unread
** opening my email in the evening to find a flood of comments from fellow AEDM participants
** feeling a sense of community online and thinking it is time to participate more in real life communities
** looking at the amazing photos of My Parents Were Awesome
** signing up with Ebates and Shop at Home...why did it take me so long to join the world of Fat Cash Back?!
** looking through the Art Every Day Month group on Flickr and getting constantly inspired
** realizing I like art AND photography AND reiki AND eft and I don't need to choose just one


  1. This looks so cool! I really enjoy your doodles and it is fun to see the ones with color, too. Your affirmations keep prompting me to make some of my own. Happy AEDM.

  2. What a great line drawing/design!! And how wonderful to have one of your designs on a stamp!
    I'm enjoying AED also - it does feel good to be part of a community.

  3. i totally love your list, your doodles, and the fact that you're getting stamps with your doodles on them. awesomeness!

  4. I'm amazed that you can doodle so many new and different things all the time. So free and flowing. I like this one very much....symmetric but not....very nice :)

  5. I love this one! Korbin and I were looking at your art a couple of days ago on here....he likes art too.


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