Happiness is...

** receiving feedback on my art from participants of Art Every Day Month
** allowing myself to accept the kind words and thoughtful observations about my art
** giving feedback on the art of participants of Art Every Day Month
** an early Thanksgiving dinner...including the best sweet potato dish I've ever tasted
** listening to a podcast with Robert Moss...he has a soft, sweet voice and opens my mind to new thoughts
** getting engrossed in a Martha Grimes mystery...snuggled up in bed with a cup of coffee and a small portion of chocolate
** receiving a photo book I created in today's mail
** an early birthday dinner...including my mom's delicious Chicago style pizza
** accepting an unexpected offer of a ride to the bank this morning
** walking home in the rain and having my umbrella remain rightside out



  1. Love your photography!!! The first photo is beautiful and I so so love what you did with selective coloring to the second! Genious!!!

    Thanks for the blog love too!

  2. Ahhh ~ with every post I read I love you and your blog more and more!


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